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Cook their favourite meal
Are you guilty of letting your partner do all the cooking? Well for one night only, allow them to have a night off so you can get your Gordon Ramsey on. The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so what better way to treat your partner than cooking up their favourite grub? We suggest doing this on a weeknight, when they’ll arrive home from work tired and will appreciate the gesture even more. Drop them a text on their lunch break stating that you are cooking dinner tonight. If possible, get an early finish, head to the supermarket and stock up on all the ingredients before you head home to cook up a storm. Before you expect your partner to arrive at your place, lay the table, light some candles and find a romantic playlist to have as some subtle background music. As they reach your home, make them a glass of wine and ensure they don’t lift a finger until dinner is served. They’re guaranteed to feel super valued by yourself. Oh, and if you want extra brownie points make sure you do the dishes!


Visit somewhere special to them
Does your loved one often speak about fond memories they had as a child? Maybe it was playing in the woods for hours with their siblings or donkey rides on the beach. Whatever it is, take a note of it as it makes the perfect date idea. With the help of their parents and siblings, plan the details of your special day out. Maybe they used to enjoy tucking into fish and chips or their mum would make them a delicious picnic. Whatever it is, try to recreate it – it’ll go such a long way at showing your partner how much you cherish them. Next time you have a free day together, tell your partner you’re taking them on a surprise. Without giving anything away, load the car and drive them to the location. As they begin to see signs to their special place, they’ll feel a sense of joy, but this will only be a heart-warming indication of the surprise to come.


Give them a sensual massage
Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more heavenly than a back rub after a long day at the office. So, if you’re looking to woo your partner then do treat them to a sensual massage. For this, you’ll need a free house, sensual massage is super intimate and relaxing. However, any distractions or disturbances are likely to erasing the unwinding benefits for your partner. Light scented candles around your bedroom, find a relaxing playlist and if you’re feeling super soppy, put rose petals on the bed. We suggest laying dark towels down, as massage oil can stain. Once your partner arrives home, inform them you have a surprise in store and guide them upstairs to your bedroom. Most sensual massages are performed completely naked. However, to prevent your partner from feeling chilly we suggest taking her clothes off as the massage progresses. Firstly lie her on her front and drizzle the oil into the neck, back and shoulders. Commence with using long, flowing effleurage strokes all over their physique, before kneading out all of their unwanted tension. When you feel as though your partner is super relaxed, begin to navigate your attention to their upper thighs region. The whole rubdown should be unrushed, as you edge closer and closer to their erogenous zones. The pleasure will intensify massively as you position them on their front and begin to caress their most intimate regions. What comes next is completely the choice of the both of you, let this naughty Sensual Massage Central London commence!

Asian masseuse lay on a hotel bed in her bra and knickers


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