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Everyone is unique when it comes to their sexual fantasies, but what a lot of people have in common is their desire to experience an authentic erotic massage (I wonder why? NOT). This might come as a surprise, but erotic massages have come so popular in London that salons have had to start mobile services to accommodate all of the horny men and women across the city. Some of the most visited areas in London at the moment are the hotels surrounding Heathrow and Gatwick, which are visited by foreigners and locals looking for a good time. Whether you’re a travelling businessman, a tourist or just a Londoner looking to be discrete, getting an airport hotel massage is both exciting and insanely pleasurable. If it’s something you’re considering or you’ve already picked up the phone to book your session, here’s a couple of do’s and don’ts to read up on before you dive straight in to the deep end. If you’ve got any sense, you’ll take note.

Do book in advance

Now, this only really applies if you’re staying at your chosen hotel for a short visit, but either way, it’s always good to have a plan. Although extremely taboo and often kept under wraps, the erotic massage industry is booming, and men and women across London can’t get enough of it!  Most London based outcall services are 24 hours and do take last minute bookings, but there’s no guarantee a girl will be available for you if you get an urge there and then. Whether you’re travelling to London, laying over for the night or live on outskirts and want to be discrete for a night or two, booking half an hour in advance is unreliable. Bottom line.  Erotic masseuses are in higher demand than ever, so it’s safe to say most of their schedules will be crammed full from start to finish. Don’t disappoint yourself and learn that no masseuses have time available for you- avoid it altogether and book it in advance. Regardless of your style choice, getting an erotic massage is a once in a lifetime experience, so don’t take the risk and book your session as early as possible. Plus, imagine how excited you’ll get if know its coming? It’ll make it even better!

book in advance

Don’t get drunk

Whether you’re on holiday or business, raiding the mini bar in the room is a given- and that’s after you’ve drank the hotel bar dry! Erotic massages are nerve-racking if you’ve never had one before, so having a whiskey beforehand to calm the nerves is understandable. But if your masseuse arrives and you’ve got your head in the toilet, say goodbye to your massage and a few hundred quid for that matter.  We can pretty much guarantee that no masseuse in London will give you a massage if you’re blind drunk- and for very good reason. From their point of view, most men are more aggressive when drunk and possess less self-control. For safety reasons, masseuses are right not to put themselves at risk in such a sexual environment. Moreover, the senses become numbed and desensitised to touch when we are intoxicated, so you’ll barely even feel it! If you’ve chosen a massage with a ‘happy ending’, good luck getting it if you’re wasted! For most men, alcohol not only numbs sensations, it also makes getting an erection and ejaculating 10 times harder- so talk about awkward. If you want your happy ending, put the booze down, okay boys?


Do take a shower

Erotic massages are erotic because there’s usually loads of skin-on-skin contact involved. As well as this, most massages do involve sexual activity which means you’re going to be sharing a lot of bodily fluids, if you know what I mean… Long story short, clean yourself up before your masseuse arrives, or be prepared to get the door slammed in your face. Most professional masseuse therapists are very strict when it comes to hygiene, because after all, who wouldn’t be grossed out by a sweaty, hairy old guy? I know I would. Most masseuses will insist you take a shower at least 30 minutes before a session, but it’s always best to trim your nails and tidy up downstairs for extra maintenance. Not to mention, most blokes feel pretty self-conscious first time round, so don’t make it worse for yourself and go into it looking and smelling like you’ve been dragged through the sewers. It’ll make it way harder to relax, trust me. So just stop being gross and wash, k?

take a shower

Don’t blow it too soon

Let’s just put it out on the table: most guys don’t get an erotic massage for stress release, they get one because they want a hot masseuse to make all of their sexual dreams come true. Nearly all erotic massages involve some kind of sexual interaction, and orgasms are both encouraged and welcomed for the ultimate pleasurable experience. However, the single most important thing to remember when it comes to Tantra based massages is that, the build-up to the orgasm is wayyyy more important than the destination. If practised correctly, erotic massages are known for inducing toes curling, mind-blowing orgasms, purely because the build-up is so slow and arousing. Reaching orgasm too soon will feel good, but it won’t be amazing- that’s the defining difference. A lot of masseuses actually encourage clients to masturbate a couple of hours before the massage to minimise the risk of premature ejaculation. It’s going to feel better for you, and it’ll make your masseuse’s job a lot easier. There’s nothing embarrassing about blowing your load when there’s a sexy, naked babe grinding all over you, but there’s way to avoid it if you just put in the handy work (ha, get it?)  Have some ‘alone time’ before your massage, trust me.

popping your cork

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride

I think it’s safe to say it’s a given NOT to touch your masseuse inappropriately or try to ‘show her how it’s done. Oh, and I should also point out that your masseuse won’t need help to find your raging boner, so just leave that job to her okay? Basically, don’t book last minute, try to be the masseuse, take a shower, put down the beer, have a wank, lie there, don’t move a muscle; in fact, don’t even breathe too loud. Ha! Joking, but seriously, just behave yourself, for the love of God!

And Remember!

If you ever need an airport massage then be sure to give us a call as we offer the best mobile massage london services in London!



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