Tantric massage is one of the most glorious and unique types of massage, and there are many people who will assure you of this – just check out our client testimonies. Tantra originates from Asia but is quickly becoming popular in the Western world. There are a variety of tantric arts you can try in London – from tantric yoga and tantric meditation to tantric sex therapy. Tantric sessions can be single one-on-one, couples or group activities. The most popular form of tantra is massage therapy. Tantric massages are great for relaxation, improving relationship bonds and do wonders for your health and wellbeing.

When it comes to tantric massage, you want to be sure you get the best experience. There are many parlours that may offer tantric services, but not all of them perform authentic massages, so you might want to have a shop around before you settle on the right place. Remember to enquire about the masseuse’s training and qualifications because tantra is an art that you cannot skimp on.








What to expect from a tantric massage

If you’ve ever had a massage, you’ll know how relaxing it is. All you have to do is lie down while a professional masseuse manipulates your muscles and skin with just a few precise strokes, pinches and presses of a well-trained hand. It truly is a tranquil experience.

As one of the slowest styles of massage, tantric massage follows a very particular ritual. The slow and very gradual build-up is an essential component because the anticipation is what makes a tantric massage so special.

As an erotic massage style, tantric is very teasing and pleasurably frustrating. The masseuse will work up and down your body, deliberately avoiding your erogenous areas. Every so often, she’ll intentionally stroke a hand delicately across your excited regions. This will build up arousal. When you do finally get what you want, it’ll be so fulfilling and satisfying that you’ll feel like you’ve been given the world. You’ll leave feeling like a new person.

Erotic massages are unique forms of massage as they view physical releases (orgasms) as symbols of stress release. They believe sexual pleasure is the cure for many physical and mental illnesses. Tantric massages are arguably the most effective of all erotic massages as the prolonged pleasure results in very intense and powerful orgasms.

Why tantric massage is the next step in total relaxation

Massages may leave you relaxed and feeling pretty good about life, considering someone’s just spent an hour focusing completely on improving your wellbeing. Now multiply that feeling by 10. A tantric session will leave you feeling more than just relaxed – you’ll be deeply content, spiritually satisfied and motivated to succeed. This is what many tantric massage advocates say.

Crazy, right? How can a one hour-long massage reap such wondrous results?

Tantric massage is more than a massage. It’s a spiritual experience. Tantric therapists will help you learn calming, breathing exercises and other techniques designed to induce deep concentration and exercise mental control. Tantric massage therapy is fantastic for learning discipline.

tantric massage is key to healthy body and mind

Tantra is very much about using the mind. The mind is a very powerful thing and when utilised properly, you’ll find you can handle a variety of situations much better. The therapist will use her training and knowledge to show you the best way to relax.

In some ways, it’s like being hypnotised. In this ‘hypnotised’, relaxed state, you’ll find yourself more driven and inspired to be productive. Regular tantric sessions can completely change your outlook on life. You’ll be far calmer and more balanced. Stress won’t even faze you anymore. Such a massage would be glorious after a long week at work.

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In this modern era, we’re surrounded by stress, paranoia and insecurities. Relaxation is an unfamiliar concept and some of us no longer have time to smell the roses anymore. But going on holiday or a weekend at the spa costs time and money, and we don’t always have that luxury. A tantric massage provides all of the relaxing benefits of a weekend getaway for much less money and a mere hour of your time.

Qualified and well-skilled therapists are in high demand and can be difficult to find. Tantric masseuses tend to charge higher fees, but don’t let that put you off. A genuine tantric massage is a rarity and well worth the price when you think about the holistically relaxing benefits.

If you want to experience a stress-free state of mind like this, try the best tantric massage service for £130 an hour. It’s relaxation like no other!