How a Tantric Massage Can Help With Joint Mobility


How a Tantric Massage Can Help With Joint Mobility

Massage therapy is often a reliable go-to for stress. It’s nearly everyone’s first choice for freshening up the mind and revitalising the body after a long, stressful week. Generally, massage is a great way to promote a healthy mental well being, reducing stress and relieving pain from specific areas of the body due to sports


DIY Sensual Massage- The Best Techniques

If you’re curious about getting a sensual massage but find it daunting, you’ll be surprised to learn that they have a lot in common with more traditional styles. Think of a sensual massage as a Swedish with a naughty twist- a cocktail of relaxation and pleasure. If it’s something that tickles your fancy but you’re


The Do’s Of a 4 Hands massage

This type of service involves two therapists simultaneously performing a powerful and choreographed massage all across your body whilst you lay back and relax. Classically, masseuses will mirror each other’s movements to unlock alternative sensations all across the body, sending waves of pleasure through every single client who is lucky enough to experience it. Combining


How and Why a Tantric Massage Can Save Your Marriage

A tantric massage is one that is based on the art of Tantra. Touch and sensuality play a main role in tantric massage therapy, but it’s also very rooted in slowly embracing your sexuality and accepting your karmic fate.Tantra as an ancient ritualTantra is an ancient Hindu practice that dates back to 5AD, and is


Tantric Massage VS Swedish Massage

Tantric Massage versus Swedish massage a head to head.Erotic massages have a damaging reputation and are often misconceived by most, when in reality; they’re not too dissimilar from classic styles. Although sexual in nature, erotic massages are as helpful, if not more so, than standard massage styles, but are often clouded by negative stigma. But


Four Hands Massage: Is It Worth It?

Have you ever heard of an erotic massage? An erotic massage is one that uses a series of sensual movements that are designed to excite the senses and arouse the body towards a pleasurable release, which is a combination of an orgasm and a lifting of stress. The arousing massage techniques are very pleasurable and


The 4 Main Do’s and Dont’s Of An Airport Massage

Everyone is unique when it comes to their sexual fantasies, but what a lot of people have in common is their desire to experience an authentic erotic massage (I wonder why? NOT). This might come as a surprise, but erotic massages have come so popular in London that salons have had to start mobile services


A Gentleman’s Guide to a Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM)

Sensual and erotic massages are always sexual in nature. How sexually arousing they are depends on the mood, situation and massage style. But nevertheless, they are meant to arouse and for the best results, you should go into a full body sensual massage session with an open mind.A FBSM is meant to feel good. As


Outcall Tantric Massage For Beginners

An outcall tantric massage is defined as a fundamentally spiritual and sensual massage with strong philosophical roots. Derived from the ancient art of Tantra, this massage has been practiced for centuries in India and all across Asia, and has since become a widely recognised and congratulated skill. However, this style of massage is far from