What’s the difference between Nuru and body to body massage?


What’s the difference between Nuru and body to body massage?

If you visit an oriental massage parlour the chances are that you’ll be offered a body to body or a Nuru massage. Many people often mistake the treatments for being the same, but though they boast amazing similarities but also have their unique quirks which make them ultra-beautiful. Allow us to explain the similarities and


Have your say – Your naughty questions answered by a top Nuru masseuse

Hello there boys, we sure have a tantalising treat for you this week. She might be a busy lady, but we have managed to track down the world class erotic therapist Suki Lau to answer all of your burning questions about Nuru. Suki has starred in many international adult films which showcase Nuru in all


Nuru massage: A massage for Millennial’s

As a millennial, I have never really thought much about what that means or what impact it has on my being. I’ve never really considered myself a millennial, not wanting to pigeon hole myself in to a box or to be defined by any social constructions laid on to me. Having said that, the older


5 fun facts about Nuru massage

All erotic massages are exciting and enticing, but when it comes to experiencing the crème de la crème it doesn’t get much better than an amazing Nuru massage. The relatively modern treatment is super unique and is taking the erotic world by storm. Allow us to tell you more about Nuru.     Its home is Japan Nuru


Turn that frown upside down

It is hard to stay the happiest and best possible version of yourself at all times. With the heaviness that is life and the busy schedules of your career, relationships and family life, we all get a bit down in the dumps from time to time. While many of us can pick ourselves up over a


Why You Should Get a 4 Hands London Nuru Massage

London Nuru massage- ring a bell? It probably doesn't- and that’s understandable because not many people are lucky enough to have experienced one before. If not don't worry this post on why a nuru massage is the best for you, will enlighten you some more. however, if you’re one of the rare majorities to have

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About An Outcall Japanese Nuru Massage

Have you ever heard of an outcall Japanese nuru massage? Originating deep from within Japan’s red light district, it’s a special kind of Asian massage that focuses on inducing carnal pleasure. Outcall Japanese nuru massage is slightly different from normal massages because instead of using hand-to-body contact, the therapist will use her body as well


Why A Nuru Massage Is The Best Massage For You

When you found out what a Nuru massage was, what did you think? Did you compare it to explicit, X-rated videos across the web depicting masseuses giving their client’s a raunchy Happy Ending? Like most, it’s easy to judge Nuru massages for being a sleazy form of prostitution with a fancier name, but in reality,

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10 of The Best Things About Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is one of the best-known and most popular types of erotic massage. Originating from Japan, nuru massage was born in the mid-1900s as a way of adapting to new governmental laws. When new laws made prostitution illegal, sex workers adapted by selling erotic body massages and sensually bathing with clients as an alternative

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Shiatsu or Nuru Massage – Which is the best Japanese massage?

Of all the Japanese massage styles, shiatsu and nuru are arguably two of the best known. In fact, they are probably two of the best known Asian massage. They are two very different massage styles that offer a world of exotic sensations and mesmerising benefits. But which one is better? Here’s what we think. A Brief