Carve out sometime this Halloween for a Lingam massage


Carve out sometime this Halloween for a Lingam massage

Ah Halloween, the only time of year we take our kids trick or treating, hopelessly try and carve a pumpkin and dress up in a ridiculous costume with face paint. Here at VIP Outcall Massage London, we believe that the 31st October celebrations aren’t just for the children and believe adults should embrace the hauntingly


‘Stop dumbing down Lingam massage as a handjob!’

Are you constantly referring to Lingam massage as a glorified handjob? Well stop, Lingam therapists are sick of it! London masseuse Kitty Lui is taking a stand for the oriental massaging world, urging all men to stop dumbing down Lingam massage as a handjob. Why do masseuses think it is offensive to call a lingam massage


Is lingam massage better when you’re single or in a relationship?

Now I’ve always enjoyed a lingam massage. When I was a student in London I would frequently visit the parlours. During exam season, I found that it was the perfect anecdote to stress and really helped me focus my brain on my studies. Before getting a lingam massage my head would be all over the


What is all this you’ve been hearing about Lingam massage?

It’s the new hit thing, isn’t it? The new trend to sweep Britain by storm… forget hot yoga or getting little fishes to pick off all the dry bits of skin on the bottom of your feet - this isn’t a fad, it’s a new way of thinking, it’s a movement. And it’s not new


Candles aren’t the only thing that ought to be blown on your birthday….

This year, why not treat yourself to something you’d really enjoy; get yourself booked in for a lingam massage. A lingam massage is the perfect massage to celebrate another passing year, why? Because lingam massage is all about honouring the body… honouring one body part in particular... If you are not already familiar with lingam sensual


Chasing the next hip and trendy health kick?

Put down that wheatgrass smoothie man that stuff is not gonna sort out your libido problem… but you know there is something you should try: Lingam massage.   Never heard of it? Why Lingam massage is only the erotic massage service currently taking the UK’s men’s health world by storm! (Have you been living under


Lingam Massage: What It’s Really Like to Get One

Ever stumbled across the phrase, ‘lingam massage’ before? If you have, you’ll already know that this massage style falls into the erotic category. If you haven’t, well, now you know! Lingam massage is an oriental style massage had focuses on stimulation of the ‘lingam’; or in simple terms, the penis. The thing is, lingam massages


Lingam and Prostate Massage: The Ultimate Pleasure for Men

What would you say if someone offered you mind-blowing head-to-toe pleasure that will eliminate all of that stress you’ve been feeling recently? Pleasure that you’ll remember for the rest of your life? This is what you can experience with an erotic massage. We know what you’re thinking. Only sleazy old men and perverts go to get


Lingam Massage And How It Can Help With Fatigue and Insomnia

Sometimes you’ll find that medication alone isn’t enough to get rid of certain illnesses. No matter how many prescription drugs the doctor throws at you, they just linger. Massage therapy is a great alternative way to treat a variety of these stubborn illnesses. When combined with medication, they can have some long-lasting healing benefits. Research

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Lingam Massage a Complete History

A lingam massage is a very popular and sought after style of erotic massage. It’s based on the Shiva Linga and his phallic emblems. But how important are their beliefs to lingam practitioners and what is the background story behind this infamous massage? What is Shiva Linga? The Sanskrit word Lingam translates to ‘mark’ or ‘symbol’, so