Massage therapy is a great way to improve your treatment plan and increase its efficiency. When combined with medicines, massages are excellent at relieving persistent symptoms of certain illnesses and keeping them at bay for longer. For example, old injuries that still cause you pain and occasionally wake you up at night. When painkillers alone can’t take away this lingering pain, a deep tissue massage can help with pushing them away.

There are many different styles of massage to choose from and just like with medication, some are more suited to different conditions. For example, deep tissue and Swedish massages are great for deeply set muscle strains. There are also more alternative styles of massage that combine releasing muscle tension with sensual techniques. For example, a tantric massage, which is excellent for practising discipline and exercising sexual control because it’s extremely slow and focuses on building deep pressure. There’s also a prostate massage – a massage that involves internal and external pleasurable stimulation of the prostate gland and meant to relieve the symptoms of prostatitis.

An Asian erotic massage is a lot more straight forward than these massages. It is one that aims to arouse and pleasure the body towards an orgasm. Due to its association with sexual pleasure, an Asian erotic massage is seen as more ‘scandalous’ than normal massage therapies. But in reality, there’s more to an Asian erotic massage than seedy, sexual pleasure.

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What is an Asian erotic massage?

An Asian erotic massage is a style of massage that’s very popular in Asia’s red light districts. Originating from oriental culture, Asian erotic massage involves sensual techniques that are meant to arouse a person and bring them to an orgasm. However when it’s performed professionally, it’s less about heavy petting and more about relieving pain and anxiety.

In Asian erotic massage circles, an orgasm is a physical materialisation of tension. Tension builds up all over the body and massage therapy works to release it. However, neutral massage techniques can only diminish the effects of stress, keeping them at bay for a short period of time before it flares up again. An orgasm fully eradicates stress and although it comes back (stress is an inevitable side effect of life), it takes much longer. As a result, any Asian massage that involves sensual techniques, such as an Asian erotic massage, will always be more effective at combating stress and anxiety than any other kind of traditional massage.


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Asian erotic massage is very beneficial

In order to release these tensions, the therapist has to arouse the client and in order to arouse them, certain sexual techniques have to be employed. Understandably, this is where Asian erotic massage gets its seedy reputation. But here are five things you probably didn’t realise about Asian erotic massages:

1. It can help with sexual problems

According to the NHS, one in 10 men and one third of young and middle-aged women suffer from sexual problems. This figure’s even higher in mature women – one half have admitted they suffer from this. Sexual dysfunction can range from premature or inability to orgasm and painful sex to total loss of arousal. An erotic Asian massage can help solve this. By focusing entirely on building arousal and using a variety of specialised techniques, an Asian erotic massage can improve your sensitivity to sexual pleasure. They also practice edging, which is a technique that keeps you on the very edge of orgasm. Not only is it very pleasurable, it’s also a great way to practise control.

2. It’s extremely de-stressing

During an orgasm and the lead up to it, a mix of cheerful hormones are released into your bloodstream. These hormones and endorphins work to reduce anxiety, promote a sense of calm and stabilise mood. Their collective effects mean that Asian erotic massages are guaranteed to eliminate or significantly reduce deep stress.

3. It can cure insomnia

Insomnia is usually brought on by deep stress and anxious thoughts whirling round and round your mind at night. An Asian erotic massage expels stress and anxiety by replacing the feeling of unease with deep tranquillity, so can help reduce the chances of insomnia.

4. It can improve your sex drive

By improving sexual problems like premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm and loss of arousal, an Asian erotic massage can restore your sexual appetite. You’ll find yourself wanting and having more satisfying sex.

5. It can show you new ways to experience sexual pleasure

By delaying ejaculation, you’ll find yourself enjoying more pleasurable sex in the long run. An Asian erotic massage can also show you new parts of your body that you didn’t know could arouse you. This may expand your sensuality and open your mind up to being more trying new tricks in the bedroom. When you can last longer and are more sexually adventurous, you’ll find yourself reaching new heights of sexual pleasure.

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