The Do’s Of a 4 Hands massage


The Do’s Of a 4 Hands massage

This type of service involves two therapists simultaneously performing a powerful and choreographed massage all across your body whilst you lay back and relax. Classically, masseuses will mirror each other’s movements to unlock alternative sensations all across the body, sending waves of pleasure through every single client who is lucky enough to experience it. Combining


Aromatherapy Vs Sensual Massage

Erotic and sensual massages hold a particularly infamous reputation among the massage therapy industry. There is a misconception that masseuses from this branch are sex workers and overlook the fact that they work according to similar principles as standard therapists. The only difference? Erotic masseuses view the body as a whole entity, focusing on the


10 of The Best Things About Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is one of the best-known and most popular types of erotic massage. Originating from Japan, nuru massage was born in the mid-1900s as a way of adapting to new governmental laws. When new laws made prostitution illegal, sex workers adapted by selling erotic body massages and sensually bathing with clients as an alternative


What It’s Really Like To Get a Happy Ending Massage

Whenever we think of a happy ending massage or see one in a movie or on a TV show, it always seems to involve some guy going to a dark parlour in the seedy part of town or on an illicit trip to Thailand. It’s always very hush-hush and for that reason, happy ending massages


How and Why a Tantric Massage Can Save Your Marriage

A tantric massage is one that is based on the art of Tantra. Touch and sensuality play a main role in tantric massage therapy, but it’s also very rooted in slowly embracing your sexuality and accepting your karmic fate.Tantra as an ancient ritualTantra is an ancient Hindu practice that dates back to 5AD, and is


3 Top Tips When Preparing For a 4 Hands Massage

4 Hands massages- a gift to men given by God himself. Seriously, if you’ve never had one before, you’re missing out, but make sure read up on it first before you splash the cash. 4 Hands massages really can be the ultimate experience, but they can also be a disaster if you don’t follow by


External Prostate Massage – Why You Should Get One

If you’ve ever heard of a prostate massage before, you’ll be aware that there is two ways to go about it: Internally and externally. Most men are more inclined to opt for the external method because they are usually apprehensive about experimenting with anal play- understandable. Although the prostate gland is internal, masseuses are able


Shiatsu or Nuru Massage – Which is the best Japanese massage?

Of all the Japanese massage styles, shiatsu and nuru are arguably two of the best known. In fact, they are probably two of the best known Asian massage. They are two very different massage styles that offer a world of exotic sensations and mesmerising benefits. But which one is better? Here’s what we think. A Brief


Tantric Massage VS Swedish Massage

Tantric Massage versus Swedish massage a head to head.Erotic massages have a damaging reputation and are often misconceived by most, when in reality; they’re not too dissimilar from classic styles. Although sexual in nature, erotic massages are as helpful, if not more so, than standard massage styles, but are often clouded by negative stigma. But


Outcall Erotic Massage – FAQ’s

Interested in getting an outcall Erotic massage but don’t know the ins and outs of it? No problem, that’s where we are here to help. Getting an erotic massage can be a once in a lifetime experience, but it’s important to work out if it’s ‘for you’ before you fork out the cash. Here’s everything